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Phone Bracket For Car

Phone Bracket For Car

Glass suction cup holder This glass suction cup holder is perfectly compatible with the market mainstream mobile phone, Apple mobile phone Samsung mobile phone millet phone Sony mobile phone Huawei mobile phone HTC mobile phone LG mobile phone BlackBerry mobile phone.For 4.3 ~ 5.3 inch screen...

                                               Phone bracket for car 

The Mobile phone bracket for car  is very flexible and convenient. With hydraulic, damping effect, smooth movement, low noise, large arm opening. Width can be adjusted for all models on the market PDA, MP4, smart phones, GPS positioning navigation equipment, Bracket hose is free to bend, the tray can be freely rotated 360 degrees to choose a different visual direction. Novel concept of unique shape, embellishment of your car. This phone bracket for car adopts super strong sucker, steady suck in the windshield, the phone bracket for car can also be installed on car front desk. Support frame tough and powerful, will not shake, drop, and adjustable angle, coupled with different clip car seat and table are available.

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The so-called  phone bracket for car, you can use the most comfortable way to use the most simple and easy to use digital bracket, pay attention to user experience, excellent structural design, according to ergonomics, human-machine design concept of participation, so that car users Get a better user experience.



Adopt the sucker on the base to be adsorbed on the front windshield of the vehicle, and the phone bracket for car is provided with a plurality of angle fixed valves for all-around angle adjustment.


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We factory manufacturer in this field about 10 years, good quality products with competetive price can be offered.

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Your inquiry will be responsed within 12h.

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Patient and professional sales team.

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Goods will be delivered in 3-7 working days. The fastest and accurate  shipment depends on your quantity.

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Yes, our products are highly appreciated by customers from all over the world, models are updated follow the new mobile phones.

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