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Wireless Alliance Wishes
Nov 15, 2018

Wireless creates a better life

We love freedom. We like to walk and stop as we please.

Connectors and wiring are always inconvenient

Get rid of the last wires!Since everything is wireless, why do phones and gadgets still need wires?

Connectors and wiring are optional

Transmission without a connector, unexpectedly simple as short distance transmission, long distance transmission is still a bit of a challenge.

Wireless battery charging is common

Short distance power transmission has been applied to a variety of products, such as toothbrushes, LED candles, remote controls, medical equipment, power tools, digital cameras and telephones.

Compatible chargers are the trend

We all love wireless products, but don't want incompatible charging stations crammed into our desks and houses.We need chargers that are compatible with different companies, even with products coming out next year.

Wireless charging standard

The wireless charging alliance will set international standards for compatible wireless charging stations.Compatible products will be marked for identification.Marked phones, cameras, remote controls, and all mobile electronics will be compatible with all charging stations printed with the logo, simple and obvious.

International cooperation

The wireless charging alliance is a collaboration between Asian, European and American companies.We think globally mobile products need compatibility.

The wireless charging alliance is a cooperative organization among companies in different industries.We are confident that all portable electronic products -- mobile phones, audio and video players, computer accessories, cameras, remote controls, toys, game consoles, medical and personal care devices -- will be marked with a symbol of compatibility.

Open alliance

The wireless charging alliance accepts all applications from any company for membership.All companies are allowed to use the relevant standards and signs without distinction.We believe this standard will be widely used in all products and markets.

Technical specifications

The charging time of the wireless charging standard will be the same as that of the existing cable charger technology, and it will meet the main regulations and emission standards of international radiation safety.The alliance will first set international standards for installations of 5 watts or less and will subsequently set international standards for high-power installations and equipment.


Short distance transmission is generally based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.With this technique, the receiver only transmits electricity when it is near the transmitter.The discovery of magnetic induction technology can be traced back to more than 100 years ago, and it has been applied to various electronic devices for many years due to its features of simplicity, efficiency and safety.

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