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Why We Update The Gravity Phone Holder
Nov 13, 2018


Our company's newest upgraded version of gravity holder, why is called upgrade phone holder, the first generation of gravity phone holder is very good use of universal gravitation, free our hands, when mobile phones placed in the bracket , the weight of mobile phone bracket linkage to hold the mobile phone, take out the method is also very convenient, just pull upward the  mobile phone

Why we upgraded gravity phone holder , which  function we upgrade for , why you will attract by it, first we added it with a lock to make the phone can turnover 90 degree, when the phone turn over 90 degree don't fall off easily, upgrade gravitational bracket with automatic lock function, place the phone in, gently press, automatic clamp arm lock your mobile phone, need to take out, gently press again, release the clamp arm, phone up take out, the solution for the existence of some guests don't like gravitational bracket shake function.

Please refer to our product no. S135 gravity mobile phone holder's video in below