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The Composition Of The Instrument Panel
Sep 13, 2017

On the dashboard, the oil pressure gauges, water temperature gauges and fuel gauges are directly related to the engine work instruments, each of which has a corresponding sensor to monitor the object's information reflected in the instrument.

Oil pressure Gauges

The oil pressure gauge is the instrument which displays the oil pressure, the unit is kpa (thousand kpa). The oil pressure gauge sensor is a piezoresistive type sensor, which is fixedly connected with the thread in the engine oil pipeline. Driven by the oil pressure to move the contact piece on the resistance, so that the resistance changes so as to affect the current through the meter to the ground, driving the pointer swing. Because the oil pressure has a certain pressure range, in order to clear, there are many cars of the oil pressure gauges with the indicator indicating that if the engine is still on when it is running, it means that the engine lubrication system may be abnormal.

Water temperature Meter

The water thermometer is a meter showing the temperature of the cooling water, and the unit is ℃ (degrees Celsius). Its sensor is a thermistor-type sensor that is threaded to the engine cooling waterway. The thermistor determines the current size of the coil winding through the water temperature meter, thereby driving the table head pointer to swing. Before the automotive engine cooling water is used to act as a lot of automotive engine cooling system with special coolant, so also known as the coolant temperature meter.