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Speedometer And Alarm Device
Sep 13, 2017

The speedometer consists of a speedometer indicating the speed of the vehicle and a mileage meter for recording the distance travelled by the vehicle, both in a common shell and driven by the same shaft.

The speedometer is the use of the magnetic and electrical mutual inductance, so that the pendulum angle of the dial is proportional to the driving speed of the car. A dial with a scale on the case.

The mileage meter is composed of several counting drum and its rotating device. For ease of use, some speedometer has a total mileage and one-way mileage, and the total mileage is used to record the cumulative mileage of the vehicle, one-way mileage is used to record the mileage of the car. One-way mileage can be reset to 0 at any time.

The speed alarming device is a velocity sound alarm system installed in the speedometer to ensure the traffic safety. If the vehicle speeds up to or exceeds a certain speed limit (e.g. $number), the speed switch in the speedometer allows the buzzer circuit to be connected and the sound alarm to be issued.