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Qi Wireless Charger S112
Nov 12, 2018

How to meet the quality standard?

In our wireless charging holder, as you know want to get customer recognition, product must have a guarantee, what is quality assurance standards, there are  CE, FCC, RoHS, QI and so on, different countries different requirements, all products meet the QI standard is our production quality requirements, all items through the QI is the Wireless charger phone holder industry's trend,  also all electronic product trend.

In order to reflect the pursuit of our company in wireless charging product research and development, quality assurance, to make satisfy with more and more customers, our company applied for and passed the certification of the QI this S112 wireless car charger

Qi is the Wireless Power Consortium (Wireless Power Consortium), the world's first standardisation group to promote Wireless charging technology. First of all, products of different brands can be charged with Qi wireless charger as long as they have a sign of Qi. Secondly, it has overcome the technical bottleneck of "universality" of wireless charging. In the near future, the Qi wireless charger can be used to charge mobile phones, cameras, computers and other products, making it possible for large-scale applications of wireless charging.

Is it normal for all products to have an QI certificate? In fact, according to the current market situation, a wireless mobile phone holder is a necessity and consumer product of life. Its service life depends on your usage frequency and management.

After we use current car charger , if there is a new one come out, its more attraction and more fashion, we also want to feel that,  the value of the old style wireless mobile phone holder is lower and not popular, the clients will change with the changes of society, we think different demands at different time periods.  now if the wireless car holder  already  reach the standard of QI, the price is more realistic, it is very beneficial to the market competition.

So sometimes will not need QI certifications, selling more and let many people use more car charger, enjoying now.