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Operated Vehicle Communication By Full Vioce
Sep 27, 2018

Rhinoceros vehicle message: enable a new era of fully voice - operated vehicle communication

The new car launch of BYD DiLink intelligent car qin Pro was grandly held on Sept 20.Li xiang, founder of Rhino horn, a key partner of BYD's D++ open ecosystem, surprised the audience with an all-voice vehicle-mounted communication software.


The rhinoceros vehicle letter directly addresses the pain points of communication scenes in daily driving, and meets users' demand for real-time communication when driving with features of convenient voice operation, real-time online interaction, rich interconnection and safety and reliability."Users can send messages to a friend's phone or a car that also has a rhino horn on.



With the transition of "intelligent" from concept stage to application stage, intelligent travel has entered the life of more ordinary people. As a newcomer in the field of automobile voice and communication software development, rhinoceros vehicle letter will cooperate with thousands of development partners around the world in byd D++ open ecology, give full play to their respective resource advantages, jointly explore the most cutting-edge technology and industrial ecology in the intelligent travel system, and inject strong energy into intelligent travel life.For users, they will get more intelligent life products with better sense of experience, and reach for more technological and intelligent beautiful life scenes.