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New Project Infrared Sensor Phone Holder
Nov 02, 2018

With the continuous pursuit of people and the continuous research of science and technology in our life, science and technology brings us not only changes our life, but also provides more convenience.

Our new product, infrared induction wireless charging, is to use the high-tech infrared induction function to let consumers who use dubang car to experience the super technical strength of our product, experience the convenience brought by mobile phone car to people's life, and enjoy the fast life service.

Here  introduce his structure and principle as follows:

(1) main controller: it is the command center of automatic mobile phone wireless charging. It sends out corresponding commands through large-scale integrated blocks with instruction programs, and commands the motor or electric lock system to work;At the same time, people use the main controller to adjust the opening speed, opening range and other parameters.

(2) induction detector: there are mainly two types: microwave sensor and infrared sensor.It collects external signals, like the human eye, and sends a pulse to the master controller when a moving object enters its range of work.

(3) power motor: provide the main power for opening and closing, and control the acceleration and deceleration of the chuck.

How does the infrared sensor work on the car phone mount?The sensor probe itself emits infrared or microwave signals that turn on and off when a nearby cell phone reflects the signal.

Operation instructions:

Step 1: place the automatic induction vehicle wireless charging on the windshield or instrument table.

Step 2: connect the USB cable

Step 3: bring the phone to the panel. The infrared sensor bracket will open automatically

Step 4: if you need to remove the handset, press the side metal button to remove the handset.

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