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How To Get A Good Mobile Phone Holder
Nov 22, 2018

As a professional manufacturer of mobile phone bracket, with years of experience in customer use and feedback, today I would like to recommend our best selling mobile phone bracket to you and teach you how to buy a good mobile phone holder.

First of all, we need to take these considerations into account when we buy mobile phone stands.

1: Strong enough, you will inevitably encounter potholes in the car, which will be hard to handle once you stagger out.

2: Beautiful enough. The car is a small home for us. The bracket should be integrated with the interior of the car.

3: Simple and convenient, simple bracket installation, no traces left on the car, can achieve a single hand to put mobile phone.

Here we recommend one phone holder in below:

Gravity vehicle-mounted phone holder features:

1、Gravity vehicle-mounted mobile holder: mobile phone down automatically lock - gravity, sticktite, not shake, no ring;

2、Gravity linkage, a put on a: using the gravity linkage principle, with the help of mobile gravity driven arm clip lock automatic contraction;

3、The trilateral lock, solid sticktite: trilateral arm always keep the cell phone will remain stable, unafraid to brake deceleration zone, bumpy road, keep the cell phone lock stability;

4、Improved upgrade, not shaking like ring: abandon the steering gear with shaft bracket, silicone elastic clamp, no pedestal bulge deformation plug, make sure not shaking like ring, clamped does not move.

Product Picture Showing: