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Fixed Mode Of Vehicle Mobile Phone Bracket
Sep 13, 2017

Car-mounted mobile phone bracket is to facilitate the driver in the road to put the mobile phone in the appropriate position, and convenient to take down or direct operation, convenient and safety is the basic requirement. Mobile phone stent has the following fixed methods

1, the Instrument bench suction type. As the first generation of mobile phone bracket, the disadvantage is the sucker is not secure, the mobile phone is easy to drop, the advantage is the instrument table position is optional, place in oneself feel most comfortable position;

2, the front stopper type. Installed on the front windshield, the disadvantage is to block the sight, unsafe, the advantage is the snake rod structure, adjustable angle is convenient;

3, the outlet hanging type. Installed in the air conditioner outlet position, the disadvantage is due to different models, fixed structure and position limited, can not rotate and adjust the angle;

4, Magnetic 360 degrees rotary mobile phone bracket. Installed in the convenience of the operator of any plane position, the disadvantage of magnetism will affect the mobile phone signal magnetic field, paste will be removed will have a mark, the advantage is small, flexible, do not block the line of sight, can be one-handed down to answer the phone.

5, silicone or other non-slip stent, shortcomings can not be adjusted direction, mobile phone fixed not reliable, the advantages of fixed and mobile phone to remove convenient