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Fault Diagnosis Of Instrument Panel
Sep 13, 2017

Suture method

When the abnormal reading of the automobile electrical instrument, through analysis, inference may be the inside of the sensor or the wire between the sensor and the indicator instrument, often use the Suture method to check the problem. That is to determine the cause and location of the failure by dismantling the wire on the wiring post. Take the electromagnetic fuel gauge as an example, when the sensor inside the iron or float damage, and the sensor and fuel gauge between the wire, regardless of the amount of oil in the tank, after the ignition switch, the fuel gauge pointer always points to "0", at this time can be used to check the removal method. First, remove the wire from the sensor, and if the fuel gauge pointer moves to "I" at this point, the inside of the sensor is damaged by iron or float; If the pointer still points to "0", the sensor terminal conductor on the fuel gauge should be removed, and if the instrument pointer moves to "I", the conductor of the fuel gauge to the sensor will be taken. If the pointer is still not moving, It may be internal damage to the fuel gauge or the power cord is open.