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Dubang Teach You How To Choose The Phone Bracket For Phone Holder
Oct 17, 2018

How to select the Phone Holder, Here Dubang teach you how to choose the suitable Phone bracket for phone holder.


Which mobile phone holder is suitable for your car?  

Here, I suggest that you should choose a mobile phone bracket according to the way of the car bracket, how to install in the car? 

The one phone holder style

A single 3M magnetic phone holder, with a 3M rubber seat at one end, is fixed to the plane of the car's glass or dashboard. At one end are clips that hold the phone or magnets that hold it. 


This type of stand features compact slings, Don't block the view, powerful magnetic suction, not easy to drop, suitable for universal phone




The second one:


The air vent type of vehicle-mounted mobile phone bracket, the air vent type of automobile air conditioner, is a mobile phone rack with two clip clips on the back, or the three-point fixed button, which is directly stuck into the air conditioner outlet and fixed the mobile phone bracket.This mobile phone bracket features copper plug without loose or falling off: lengthened copper plug, thickened silica gel pad, firmly locked the air vent, anti-skid and non-scratched air vent, equipped with a steering control device to adjust the direction of the clamping port, support horizontal and vertical design of the air outlet, special for the air outlet, do not block the sight of driving, safer driving.




The third style:

Car CD mouth stationary car phone support, this is fastened in the car on the CD, for not persons possessing buckle on the outlet of the car, you can choose to use the CD bracket of navigation, the CD mouth phone holder is characterized by CD mouth type applicable range is wider, unlimited car brand type restrictions, as long as the car CD mouth can be used, firmly stuck CD, don't take any outlet position, phone not wind, do not affect CD playback, wider applicable models.



The last style


Suction-cup hose vehicle-mounted mobile phone support, this is a more atmospheric sucker adjustable arm type, is a suction cup base, the middle one is 15 cm flexible hose to 50 cm, can rotate 360 degrees, is to use the PU adhesive sucker adsorption, can adsorption on the windscreen or instrument to use, this kind of mobile phone bracket PU rubber suction cup dirty can wash with water, does not affect the secondary use, as well as solid paste.Features of this hose holder:

1) , suitable for phones of various sizes of width.

2) fashion design with unique personality and super fancy appearance.

3) the new material product is safe and comfortable to use.

4)  easy to install and use;Suitable for all kinds of smart phones.

5)  sturdy and durable, double firm, strong sucker,360 degree rotation, gooseneck, bending at will.

6)  install on the car windshield, press the button of the suction plate switch, and press the switch to squeeze the air, forming a huge pressure to make the base more adsorptive.

 the bracket sucker is made of imported environmentally friendly silica gel, which has the characteristics of strong adsorption capacity, high temperature resistance and long time use without deformation


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