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Does The Magnetic Phone Holder Impact The Navigation Of Cell Phone
Nov 05, 2018

Do magnetic car mount phone holder have an impact on mobile phone navigation? which kinds of phone holder is better for you.

Here is Dubang carmount's comment for it, we hope it can help you more.

The magnetic phone holder  won't affect the accuracy of the navigation, but it will you use the metal platein the back of phone. it is not so beautiful.

The inside of the magnet is positioned to form a closed circuit, the magnetic field will not leak out, it will not affect the signal of the phone, the battery;  the design is the same as the Apple proteactive shell, many design of magentic clam-shell on the market that are referenced and used in such this  way,  you would believe Steve Jobs, right? So do we.

Here Dubang more styles Magnetic phone holder:

magnetic phone holder

It is really convenient to use the magnet bracket mainly, but don't like metal plate put on your phone, here we suggest you use the mobile phone holder of the type of air vent, which is also conveient to use, easy to mount , also it is very good on  the stability, not blocking the line of the sight and so on.

gravity phone holder

Above is our hotselling gravity phone holder, another kinds of air vent product, this  one is also conveient 

to use, we already improved it, the stablity is same like magnetic one,  welcome to check the sample.

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