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Sep 13, 2017

Automotive instrumentation by a variety of instruments, indicators, especially the driver with warning lights and other components, to provide drivers with the necessary parameters of the vehicle operation information. According to the working principle of automobile instruments, can be divided into three generations. The first generation of automotive instrumentation is the mechanical movement table; the second generation of automotive instrumentation is called electrical instrument; the third on behalf of all digital automotive instrumentation, he is a networked, intelligent instrument, its function is more powerful, display content richer, wiring harness links more simple.

Auto Meter is the third-generation instrument it can drive the base table pointer by stepper motor, or it can display graphics or text information directly using LCD LCD screen. He also has an intelligent processing unit that interacts with other control units in the car.

The function of the automobile instrument is to obtain the necessary data and display it in the appropriate way. Previous instruments were generally limited in the $number of the display and $number of a warning function, now the new instrument has reached about 15 volumes to display and 40 of warning monitoring functions. Different information is obtained by different methods and display methods, there are three kinds of new instrument information acquisition methods: Transmission through body bus, conversion via A/d sampling, and acquisition through IO State change.

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