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Air Vent Phone Holder And CD Slot Phone Holder Difference Between
Oct 31, 2018

Outlet comprehensive analysis the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones and CD mouth car phone holder

CD mouth vehicle-mounted mobile scaffold: outlet type vehicle mounts restricted by the shape of outlet, and CD mouth type of applicable range is wider, unlimited car brand type restrictions, as long as the car CD mouth can be used, firmly stuck CD, but with CD also can play normally after stent.

Advantages: not the outlet position, phone not wind, do not affect CD playback, wider applicable models.
Disadvantages: does not apply to no CD models of mouth, not easy to put one hand and take a mobile phone.



Outlet vehicle-mounted mobile scaffold: outlet car bracket is not convenient to take put one hand phones shortcomings, innovation improvement, gravity vents support by using the principle of gravity linkage, planted on both sides of the phone and at the bottom of the clip will automatically lock, picked up automatically to loosen, one hand can also be easily operation.

Need special attention is, this kind of bracket is the metal card buckles need a silicone pad protection, otherwise easy to scratching by mobile phone.

Advantage: the trilateral retains more solid and convenient one hand placement and take phone, suitable for most of the models.

Weakness: the same is not applicable to circular arc form, invagination and intensive outlet.