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Cellular Phone Holder

Cellular Phone Holder

cellular phone holder Tip of car For one of the world's most successful luxury car brands, mercedes-benz has been a dream and pursuit of the three-pronged star logo that has never been abandoned since its inception. In 1986, mercedes-benz (China) limited was established in Hong Kong.In 2006,...

cellular phone holder

Item name

Universal GPS Stand Holder 360 Cellphone Mobile Phone Car Holder For Smartphone


Customer Design,OEM welcome


Free Car Holder Sample can be provied for quality checking


  • Mobile phone car holder: this car holder can be both applied to mobile phones and GPS, cost-effective and affordable. With round mount metal plates, it will hold your GPS more stable. Keep it from dropping!

  • The high quality 360 degrees car holder allows the phone to be adjusted to any angle, so you can keep your phone screen in full review.

  • This car holder with strong capability of anti-shaking and anti-shocking, is designed to keep your cell phone or GPS safe from falling,so you would never put yourself in danger while driving again!


Tip of car

For one of the world's most successful luxury car brands, mercedes-benz has been a dream and pursuit of the three-pronged star logo that has never been abandoned since its inception.In 1986, mercedes-benz (China) limited was established in Hong Kong.In 2006, with the business is thriving, mercedes-benz (China) headquarters to Beijing, at the same time the company also changed its name to mercedes-benz (China) auto sales co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Mercedes Benz China), with sales in mainland China all imported products franchise Mercedes car group.Mercedes-benz currently sells products in China including: class S, grade E and C;Roadster class - SLK two-door sports car, CLK sports car, CLS coupe, CL large luxury coupe, SL luxury sports car;SUV series - r-rated large luxury sports station wagon, ML multifunctional SUV, GLK medium luxury SUV (16 years has been replaced with GLC), GL luxury off-road vehicle, g-class SUV;Class B luxury sports station wagon;The nearly 40 models of the Mercedes- AMG, smart and maybach brands have built the most abundant product lines in the Chinese market, providing consumers with more personalized choices.In China, mercedes-benz has been to leading technology, superb technology, excellent quality, good services and a strong sense of social responsibility for consumers show a Mercedes endless charm of the brand, and maintained a sustained and stable business growth.Despite the global financial crisis, mercedes-benz has never lost faith and investment in the Chinese market.Gottlieb Daimler applied for a patent for the trigeminal sign in 1909, but Mercedes belonged to a circular badge.Gottlieb Daimler's logo from Daimler letter to his wife, he thinks he's painting in the home house on this star will bring good luck for him, the trigeminal star is also a symbol of the mercedes-benz company to develop in the direction of land, sea and air three.In 1909, Mr Gottlieb Daimler to commemorate his VELO model mass production, the gear design within the three-pointed star month instead of cassia twig, as a sign of victory, the logo "Mercedes" was taken from the car dealer in Austria Emile Jeremiah's (Emil Jellinek) beautiful daughter's name."Mercedes" is lucky in Spanish, but the woman died of an unhappy marriage at the age of 40, and her name has not gone away.In June 1909, Daimler ag applied to register the "trigemaster" as a symbol of the car, symbolizing the mechanization of landing, water and air.In 1916, a circle was added around it, and four small stars were inlaid on top of the circle, with the words Mercedes.Benz's logo was initially surrounded by Benz plus ear.In 1926, Daimler merged with mercedes-benz, and the star logo merged with the Mercedes' tassel, with the word mercedes-benz, then changed the ear to the ring and removed the words mercedes-benz.As the two of the oldest auto makers to merge, the manufacturer again for trademark application for a patent, and the circle of star marks evolved into today's design, has been in use today, and became one of the world's most famous trademark.

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