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Why the popularity of mobile phone holder
Nov 28, 2018

With the high-speed development of smart phones, coupled with the low speed of a vehicle control development, more and more car owners choose to use a mobile phone to solve the traffic problems, all kinds of APP in navigation, or go to a video game, or with a friend at the time of waiting for a red light a few WeChat, smart phones are far more convenient than vehicle control.

However, we also know that, while holding a mobile phone operation is obviously very dangerous needs a complete ban, so the appearance of the phone holder and selling it is not surprising.


Vehicle-mounted mobile phone holder connect way stent:

Vehicle-mounted mobile phone holder support as well as the connecting way of the car is introduced, in the way of stents and cell phone connection, divided into several kinds of it, were disk connection type, card button type, tray type, respectively introduce below.

Magnetic phone holder connection type:

Principle: by the magnet magnetic attraction and cell phone connection;

Advantages: is very strong, not easy to fall off, the volume is small, does not affect the line of sight.


1. Need to be on the phone with discs, affect beautiful;

2. The magnetic force is bigger, and very difficult to separated from mobile phones;




Tray type connection type  phone car holder:

Principle: the side and underside of hold mobile phones.

Advantages: can one hand operation, simple disassembly, stent is small in size, will not have any effect on the driver.


1. Because not stepped up efforts to design, so go on bumpy road, cell phone will be bumpy.

2. Can't adjust the Angle of view mobile phone to watch.



After reading this article, you should be on the market of mobile phone holder have probably understanding, taken together, small make up recommend two models for your vehicle mounts, respectively is air conditioning breeze mouth tray type mobile vehicle mounts and air-conditioning outlet magnet type vehicle-mounted mobile scaffold.

Air-conditioning outlet pallet car phone holder's biggest advantage is to guarantee the driver line of sight is not affected, and the operation is simple, can be single hand operation. But because it is not completely press fixed, cross-country, mobile turbulence may happen, if you are not often cross-country, suggest to buy it.


Air-conditioning outlet magnet type vehicle-mounted mobile scaffold, also won't affect the driver line of sight, mobile phone after installation is also quite strong. But after laminating, really difficult to remove the mobile phone, but also need to put a magnet on the back, affect beautiful. If you don't mind it, you can choose it.


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