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What is the test standard for Wireless Car Charger?
Dec 18, 2018

What is the test tstandard for Wireless Car Charger?

When you buy a wireless car charger, do you know how to test whether this product is good or bad? Is this product safe? What kind of test is professional, here we recommend one profession and easy way to check the product.

First is FOD testing

  1. Connect the power supply to wireless car charger (Fast wireless charger DC Voltage 9V/Current 1.5~2A; Slow wireless charger DC voltage 5V/Current 1.5A); If the wireless charger LED light is on and in RED color, it's working properly (refer to Pic1)

   2. Put 1Yuan coin inside the charging area (refer to Pic2), the LED light keep flashing  in red and      blue, it's working properly-Perform FOD protection.

   3. Put 1Yuan coin inside the charging area, and put the mobile phone on coin, to check if the mobile is charging: Not in charging condition is qualified product, if in charging condition, it's defective one (refer to Pic3)

FOD test

We have other clients would like to do the test, use the operation of replacing COINS with paper that clips is not professional, not only our wireless charging vehicle products fail to be tested with paper clips, but other wireless charging products also fail, you can use other testing tool , like larger than COINS, other hardware bodies.

There is also other testing need to do before delivery out the factory, but need test by marchine,

if you want to do a simple testing, you can choose this FOD testing first.

Dongguan dubang mobile phone bracket wireless charging is after strict testing before shipment, quality assurance, the following is the test we must do before shipment

  1. FOD testing

  2. Aging testing

  3. Over Temperature / Over Voltage Protection

  4. Voltage&Current Protection

  5. LED light, efficiency test

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