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Sep 13, 2017

The traditional speedometer is mechanical. A typical mechanical odometer connects a soft shaft. There is a wire cable in the soft shaft. The other end of the soft shaft is connected to a gearbox. The gear rotates to drive the wire cable to rotate. The wire cable drives a magnet to rotate in the odometer hood circle. The bezel is connected with the pointer and the pointer is positioned 0 bits through the gossamer. The speed of the magnet rotates, which causes the change of the magnetic field size. The balance is broken and the pointer is therefore driven. This speedometer is simple and practical. is widely used in size cars. But. With the development of electronic technology. Now many car meters have already used electronic speedometer, the common one is to obtain the signal from the speed sensor on the transmission, deflect the pointer or display the number by changing the pulse frequency.

Odometer is a digital instrument, it is through the counter drum wheel transmission gear and the speed meter transmission shaft of the worm meshing, so that the counter drum rotation. It is characterized by a full circle of drum rotation. The next level drum rotation 1/10 laps. Like the speedometer, the odometer also has an electronic odometer, which obtains mileage signals from the speed sensor. The mileage data accumulated by electronic odometer is stored in nonvolatile memory and can be stored in the absence of an electric state.

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