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Painting process steps of the display rack factory
Sep 13, 2017

If it is painted color display stand or is very light, then you can use a relatively dilute nitrocellulose paint to replace Shellac as a primer, which is the process of important. Now let's talk about the painting process:

1, first rub coated with a layer of old water powder

2. Grind the shellac putty with sand grinding.

3. Brush the display frame. When you finish the shellac varnish, you will find the color of the paint film and the colour of the sample. In the process of painting the color to continue to compare with the standard model, do not put the colour weight.

4. Spell color. Observe the whole of the workpiece first, focus on the color difference between the bar and the interface of the plate, and then in the shellac varnish inside the required colors, coated in the need to spell the parts.

5. Sand grinding. Gently use the old sandpaper to scrub the film, grinding the later to touch with the hand, will feel smoother, and then use a half wet cloth to wipe the workpiece, to remove all the dust.

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