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Manufacture and installation of magnetic vehicle sticker
Sep 13, 2017

Magnetic car sticker material surface can not be directly made into the car stickers, because the material with magnetic. And the production of pictures of the machine, all belong to metal materials. The magnetism of the car sticker will be adsorbed on the machine, resulting in the uneven content of the car sticker and affect the effect of the picture.

So this kind of material can only be regarded as the media material, the vehicle pastes the picture must first print in the pictorial material. Then the production of a good car stickers pasted on this kind of magnetic vehicle stickers, after cutting the shape. This makes the car stickers, can be regarded as a complete magnetic vehicle stickers material.

After cutting the magnetic car paste, you can directly on the car surface, using their own magnetic adsorption. No need to use auxiliary adhesive products.

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