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How to avoid the use of acrylic display frame deformation
Sep 13, 2017

1. It is to choose the flexible rubber gasket for the display frame to increase the necessary cushioning for the cohesion between the acrylic material.

2. is processing acrylic plate, must drill ellipse type screw hole with the screw lock, to increase its strength, reduce the deformation situation.

3. Is the production of large load-bearing area of the display, should pay attention to the corresponding increase in sheet thickness, to avoid heavy load caused by deformation.

4. In the installation of fixed acrylic display frame, we should pay attention to reserving a certain amount of contraction and expansion gap, to prevent the contraction of the display frame.

5. It is possible to improve the impact strength of acrylic sheet by hot forming process, and release the internal stress of the plate.

6. The design should be based on the type of display products to choose the appropriate weight of acrylic plate, not too thin and not thicker, to avoid the plate bearing and product mismatch caused by deformation.

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