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Five steps for daily cleaning of display stands
Sep 13, 2017

1. Clean the display rack with water and dry with a soft cotton cloth, do not use any abrasive cleaning agent, cloth or paper towel, and any acidic detergent, polishing abrasives or detergents or soap and other things to wipe the surface of the rack.

2. As a result of the usual use of a variety of detergent, Bath Dew and other long-term residual on the surface of chromium plating will make the surface gloss degradation and directly affect surface quality. Please use a soft cloth at least once a week to clean the surface of the exhibition rack, preferably using a neutral detergent.

3. For the exhibition rack difficult to remove the scale, surface fouling film and stains, and so on, please use a mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning liquid or wear-free polishing liquid and other cleaning, and then clean the display with water and soft cotton cloth dry.

4. Can be coated with toothpaste and soap, cotton wet cloth, gently wipe the display rack, and then clean with water can be.

5. Can be used to decontamination capacity of the wax oil, coated in clean white cotton, the entire display rack thoroughly clean, the cycle is generally 3 months, so as to extend the shelf life. Remember that every time the cleaning is over, be sure to wipe the water stains dry, otherwise the surface of the pendant may appear water stains dirt.

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