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Difference between display frame and showcase
Sep 13, 2017

I. Different design concepts

From a design standpoint, the display frame is based on the characteristics of the product that the customer wants to show, and develops different structures, the appearance of the shelves, focus on the display of product characteristics, display business information, facilitate the transaction, while the display cabinets are basically produced in the same shape, only in the same structure of the display cabinets will be placed in different products. The design concept of the display frame is the first product rear display rack, but the design order of the display cabinet is according to different showcase to display different products.

II. Distinction in the scope of use

Display cabinets are used to display a number of mobile phone jewelry, watches, jewelry and other commercial products. And the function of the display frame is relatively wide, can be used to exhibit some electronic products, can also be used to display the company's brochure and so on any need to direct face-to-face display products with customers.

III. From the material to make the distinction

Display cabinets more common material is glass showcase. and the display frame material is more extensive, including acrylic display stand, glass display frame, metal display rack and so on.

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