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Cellphone Stand Long Neck Cell Phone Holder
Dec 19, 2017

Long Neck Cell Phone Holder

With the continuous development of digital technology, bizarre products are also introduced. Most young people are now using mobile phone bracket, which also shows that people and mobile phones can not be separated.

Technology has changed our way of life, more shelves make us "lazy", but it also makes us more professional. At the same time for some people who love to play SLR, camera people some distress, they are generally with a huge volume, and too "industry specializing in surgery", go out to shoot and play, must be based on their respective functions with one. So there is no design of a product such as mobile phone bracket, but with the ability of professional support, so that we can easily battle, and recently I learned in the bow of the world a beautiful product name: PTZ Mobile phone stand, a multi-function phone stand, perhaps it can take you to play simple, play professional!

Item NameLong Neck Cell Phone Holder
Max OpeningUniversal
Fit ForAll Sizes Of Mobile

The phone holder is simple and easy to operate, although the appearance is not "small", but exquisite, whether you are a photo or video enthusiasts, or chase fans, smart phone journalists or a complete professional, hose phone Brackets solve all your problems and find multiple uses in your video or photo creator kit.

3S1A1330 副本.jpg

Robotic arm design is the most prominent feature of this phone bracket, presumably this is the reason why it stands out in a large number of mobile phone bar! Can achieve single 600 degree operation range, simply that the level of 360 arbitrary movement and 240 degrees Longitudinal move freely.

                                              S022---8 副本.jpg

Hose mobile phone stand with the development of modern digital products have shown another life style. Simple structure, smart body, multi-purpose design, although the overall use of plastic material, a single durable, cell phone stand can be liberated hands, any angle adjustment, any position can be viewed, both comfortable and comfortable. Hose mobile phone holder creative design, let us live better and more comfortable, more health!

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